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An lmpression of the 1953 Cup Final at Wembley.

1. Now Fartown have played at Wenbley once more,
And beaten St. Helens, their fame to restore.
The match was a thriller from kick-off to end,
And nearly nlnety thousand went down to attend.

2. The St. Helens tactics were not always clean,
Leg-swinging and punching were freguently seen.
But despite all this, Fantown gave of their best,
And aways played Football - a very rare test!

3. Young Ramsden, the hero in winning the cup,
Took many a knock, but never gave up.
His play won the Lance Todd Memorial Pr1ze,
To him fell the honour of scoring two tries.

4. The first of the two opened Fartown's account
And Devery goaled to increase the amount;
St. Helens then tried to take over control
And Langfield replied with a penalty goal.

5. At this stage excitement became very tense,
The "Saints" again tested the Fartown's defence.
The Fartown's cheers soon turned to a sigh,
Llewellyn beat Hunter and crossed for a try.

6. A goal would have taken them into the lead,
But with the conversion they failed to suceeed.
As half-tlme arrived with the soore five a piece
The life of the final took on a new lease.

7. The guards bands then gave us a marching display,
A colourful spectacle on this great day.
The players returned to the field once agaln
Amidst an excitement I need not explain.

8. With Devery limping along the left wing
The Fartown attack had lost much of its sting.
The "Salnts" sent the ball up the field with a punt,
And Langfield went over to put them in front.

9. There followed an incident all will recall
When Hunter was downed when he hadn't the ball.
A glarlng example of nasty rough play,
In consequence Johnny was carried away

10. The ensuring scrum gave our "Billy" the ball,
And Banks took advantage to make it elght all.
Then Lionel Cooper took on a new role,
And kindly obliged us by kicking the goal.

11. A dropped goal by Langfield then levelled. the scores,
The struggle continued., so did the roars.
Supporters were hoping the twelve would not yleld
Then suddenly Hunter ran back on the field.

12. Inspired by Hunter's return to full back,
The Fartowners set up a stirring attack,
In which the three-quarters were able to shine,
And take the play near the Lancastrians Line.

13. When Bowden and Valentine worked thelr way through,
Young Ramsden came up with a burst "From the Blue"
And, taking the ball "Midst Tumultuous Cry"
He raced in to score Fartown's Victory Try.

14. The crowds were delighted and showed thelr esteem
As Pepperall led up his Victorious Team.
But as for St. Helens they'd nothing to say
For most of the crowds had deplored their display.

15. This game will be talked of for many a day,
The final that taught us that crime does not pay.
Yet though it has caused such a lot of debate,
It will be considered the best up to date.

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