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The original project is now drawing to a close. However, there are various extensions which we are investigating. The way forward will require a new team to guide it. If you would like to be involved in any way, please Contact Us.

Halls Of Fame

Before you get to the main event, let me ask you a little question and tell you a little story.

How do you put photographs of the Hall Of Fame onto a website?


In preferentail order:

  • You either scan the negatives;
  • You take the original out of the frame and scan it;
  • Or you take the original out of the frame and photograph it.
  • Simples!

    Until you find that they are in frames srewed to, not hanging on, a wall! Then you have to:

  • adopt plan D - photograph them in situ.
  • OK, no problem.

    But frames have glass in them. Glass refelcts light.

    So turn out the lights!

    Erm, a certain Giants official [no names, James, eh? - you were very busy though!] couldn't find the light switch! So he got me a chair to climb on in order to swivel the spot lamps away.

    But the ceiling lights, bar lights, and lights from adjacent rooms still reflected in the glass. Enter an extremely helpful girl who was serving coffees to people in the building. I mentioned that I would have to call back another time with some material to hang from the ceiling in order to stop the reflections.

    "I can get you some table cloths if you like."

    "And a coffee?"


    "It's a deal! Thank you."

    The results are here.

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