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A page dedicated to your memories of both Fartown and the Giants.

Martin Johnstone wrote from Malaysia.

I was born and raised in Fartown. Born in 1964 I lived in the area until 1980. As a boy my Dad would take me along to Fartown to watch the Rugby. When he couldn’t take me, me and a couple of pals would hop over the wall, avoiding the solitary bobby and enjoy the match.

I have wonderful memories of those days. I have now emigrated to Malaysia, and have started recalling tales of these days to other ex-pats, and the memories came flooding back.

I remember in particular the giant Ian Van Bellen, and can still see him at the bar after the game drinking a pint (or two).

I have been searching the web for photos of Van Bellen, but not been able to find any. Please can you advise if there are any available, and also any other pictures of the mighty Fartowners, of which I have so many happy memories.

Thank you.


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