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The following are reproduced by the kind permission of the Players Association.

The originals are stored in the University Of Huddersfield's Archive Section.

A word of explanation:

In one day we looked at over 200 paper items. The best way of copying them would have been to scan them. However, this would have taken an inordinate amount of time. Consequently it was decided to photograph them [with a Canon 5D camera, thereby ensuring quality].

What this does mean, however, is that the items were not totally flat and the creases in the papers are more pronounced.

We hope that this does not detract from your thrill at being able to browse these precious documents.

AGM 1947
EGM 1948
Report 1947-48
Report 1948-49
Report 1949-50
Report 1975-76
Supporters Club AGM, 47
Supporters Club Report 1947-48
Supporters Club AGM, 49
Supporters Club AGM, 50
Supporters Club Report 1979-80
Match Day Poster, 1943

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