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The Next Stage

The original project is now drawing to a close. However, there are various extensions which we are investigating. The way forward will require a new team to guide it. If you would like to be involved in any way, please Contact Us.

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Introduction page 1.pdf
Introduction page 2.pdf
Introduction page 3.pdf
Introduction page 4.pdf

Introduction page 1.rtf
Introduction page 2.rtf
Introduction page 3.rtf
Introduction page 4.rtf

Theme 1 How Rugby Football Came to Huddersfield Part 1

1.1 Teacher Notes.pdf
1.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.pdf
1.3 Pupil Resource Sheet.pdf
1.4 Pupil Activity Sheet 1a.pdf
1.5 Pupil Activity Sheet 1b.pdf
1.6 Pupil Activity Sheet 2.pdf
1.7 Teacher Answer Sheet.pdf
1.8 Class Assessment Sheet.pdf

1.1 Teacher Notes.docx
1.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.docx
1.3 Pupil Resource Sheet.docx
1.4 Pupil Activity Sheet 1a.docx
1.5 Pupil Activity Sheet 1b.docx
1.6 Pupil Activity Sheet 2.docx
1.7 Teacher Answer Sheet.docx
1.8 Class Assessment Sheet.docx

Theme 2 How Rugby Football Came to Huddersfield Part 2

2.1 Teacher Notes.pdf
2.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.pdf
2.3 Pupil Resource Sheet.pdf
2.4 Pupil Activity Sheet 1.pdf
2.5 Pupil Activity Sheet 2.pdf
2.6 Pupil Activity Sheet 3a.pdf
2.7 Pupil Activity Sheet 3b.pdf
2.8 Pupil Activity Sheet 4.pdf
2.9 Teacher Answer Sheet 1.pdf
2.10 Teacher Answer Sheet 2.pdf
2.11 Class Assessment Sheet.pdf

2.1 Teacher Notes.docx
2.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.docx
2.3 Pupil Resource Sheet.docx
2.4 Pupil Activity Sheet 1.docx
2.5 Pupil Activity Sheet 2.docx
2.6 Pupil Activity Sheet 3a.docx
2.7 Pupil Activity Sheet 3b.docx
2.8 Pupil Activity Sheet 4.docx
2.9 Teacher Answer Sheet 1.docx
2.10 Teacher Answer Sheet 2.docx
2.11 Class Assessment Sheet.docx

Theme 3 Timeline

3.1 Teacher Notes.pdf
3.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.pdf
3.3 Pupil Resource Sheet.pdf
3.4 Pupil Activity Sheet 1.pdf
3.5 Pupil Activity Sheet 2.pdf
3.6 Pupil Activity Sheet 3.pdf
3.7 Pupil Activity Sheet 4.pdf
3.8 Teacher Answer Sheet.pdf
3.9 Class Assessment Sheet.pdf

3.1 Teacher Notes.docx
3.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.docx
3.3 Pupil Resource Sheet.docx
3.4 Pupil Activity Sheet 1.docx
3.5 Pupil Activity Sheet 2.docx
3.6 Pupil Activity Sheet 3.docx
3.7 Pupil Activity Sheet 4.docx
3.8 Teacher Answer Sheet.docx
3.9 Class Assessment Sheet.docx

Theme 4 The Origins of the Clubs

4.1 Teacher Notes.pdf
4.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.pdf
4.3 Pupil Resource Sheet 1a.pdf
4.4 Pupil Resource Sheet 1b.pdf
4.5 Pupil Activity Sheet 1.pdf
4.6 Pupil Activity Sheet 2.pdf
4.7 Teacher Answer Sheet.pdf
4.8 Class Assessment Sheet.pdf

4.1 Teacher Notes.docx
4.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.docx
4.3 Pupil Resource Sheet 1a.docx
4.4 Pupil Resource Sheet 1b.docx
4.5 Pupil Activity Sheet 1.docx
4.6 Pupil Activity Sheet 2.docx
4.7 Teacher Answer Sheet.docx
4.8 Class Assessment Sheet.docx

Theme 5 The Birth of Rugby League

5.1 Teacher Notes.pdf
5.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.pdf
5.3 Pupil Resource Sheet 1a.pdf
5.4 Pupil Resource Sheet 1b.pdf
5.5 Pupil Resource Sheet 2.pdf
5.6 Pupil Resource Sheet 3a.pdf
5.7 Pupil Resource Sheet 3b.pdf
5.8 Pupil Resource Sheet 4.pdf
5.9 Pupil Activity Sheet 1.pdf
5.10 Pupil Activity Sheet 2.pdf
5.11 Pupil Activity Sheet 3.pdf
5.12 Teacher Answer Sheet.pdf
5.13 Class Assessment Sheet.pdf

5.1 Teacher Notes.docx
5.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.docx
5.3 Pupil Resource Sheet 1a.docx
5.4 Pupil Resource Sheet 1b.docx
5.5 Pupil Resource Sheet 2.docx
5.6 Pupil Resource Sheet 3a.docx
5.7 Pupil Resource Sheet 3b.docx
5.8 Pupil Resource Sheet 4.docx
5.9 Pupil Activity Sheet 1.docx
5.10 Pupil Activity Sheet 2.docx
5.11 Pupil Activity Sheet 3.docx
5.12 Teacher Answer Sheet.docx
5.13 Class Assessment Sheet.docx

Work Card Format

Profession 1.pdf
Profession 2.pdf
Profession 3.pdf
Profession 4.pdf
Profession 5.pdf
Profession 6.pdf
Profession 7.pdf
Profession 8.pdf
Profession 9.pdf
Profession 10.pdf
Professionalism Work Cards Teacher Notes and Answers.pdf

Profession 1.docx
Profession 2.docx
Profession 3.docx
Profession 4.docx
Profession 5.docx
Profession 6.docx
Profession 7.docx
Profession 8.docx
Profession 9.docx
Profession 10.docx
Professionalism Work Cards Teacher Notes and Answers.docx

Theme 6  Hall of Fame

6.1 Teacher Notes.pdf
6.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.pdf
6.3 Pupil Resource Sheet 1.pdf
6.4 Pupil Resource Sheet 2.pdf
6.5 Pupil Resource Sheet 3.pdf
6.6 Pupil Resource Sheet 4.pdf
6.7 Pupil Resource Sheet 5.pdf
6.8 Pupil Resource Sheet 6.pdf
6.9 Pupil Activity Sheet.pdf
6.10 Teacher Answer Sheet 1.pdf
6.11 Teacher Answer Sheet 2.pdf
6.12 Teacher Answer Sheet 3.pdf
6.13 Teacher Answer Sheet 4.pdf
6.14 Teacher Answer Sheet 5.pdf
6.15 Teacher Answer Sheet 6.pdf
6.16 Class Assessment Sheet.pdf

6.1 Teacher Notes.docx
6.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.docx
6.3 Pupil Resource Sheet 1.docx
6.4 Pupil Resource Sheet 2.docx
6.5 Pupil Resource Sheet 3.docx
6.6 Pupil Resource Sheet 4.docx
6.7 Pupil Resource Sheet 5.docx
6.8 Pupil Resource Sheet 6.docx
6.9 Pupil Activity Sheet.docx
6.10 Teacher Answer Sheet 1.docx
6.11 Teacher Answer Sheet 2.docx
6.12 Teacher Answer Sheet 3.docx
6.13 Teacher Answer Sheet 4.docx
6.14 Teacher Answer Sheet 5.docx
6.15 Teacher Answer Sheet 6.docx
6.16 Class Assessment Sheet.docx

Theme 7 Champions

7.1 Teacher Notes.pdf
7.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.pdf
7.3 Pupil Resource Sheet.pdf
7.4 Pupil Activity Sheet 1.pdf
7.5 Pupil Activity Sheet 2.pdf
7.6 Pupil Activity Sheet 3.pdf
7.7 Pupil Activity Sheet 4.pdf
7.8 Pupil Activity Sheet 5.pdf
7.9 Pupil Activity Sheet 6.pdf
7.10 Pupil Activity Sheet 7.pdf
7.11 Pupil Activity Sheet 8.pdf
7.12 Pupil Activity Sheet 9.pdf
7.13 Pupil Activity Sheet 10.pdf
7.14 Pupil Activity Sheet 11.pdf
7.15 Pupil Activity Sheet 12.pdf
7.16 Teacher Answer Sheet.pdf
7.17 Class Assessment Sheet.pdf

7.1 Teacher Notes.docx
7.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.docx
7.3 Pupil Resource Sheet.docx
7.4 Pupil Activity Sheet 1.docx
7.5 Pupil Activity Sheet 2.docx
7.6 Pupil Activity Sheet 3.docx
7.7 Pupil Activity Sheet 4.docx
7.8 Pupil Activity Sheet 5.docx
7.9 Pupil Activity Sheet 6.docx
7.10 Pupil Activity Sheet 7.docx
7.11 Pupil Activity Sheet 8.docx
7.12 Pupil Activity Sheet 9.docx
7.13 Pupil Activity Sheet 10.docx
7.14 Pupil Activity Sheet 11.docx
7.15 Pupil Activity Sheet 12.docx
7.16 Teacher Answer Sheet.docx
7.17 Class Assessment Sheet.docx

Theme 8 WW1

8.1 Teacher Notes.pdf
8.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.pdf
8.3 Pupil Resource Sheet.pdf
8.4 Pupil Activity Sheet 1.pdf
8.5 Pupil Activity Sheet 2.pdf
8.6 Pupil Activity Sheet 3.pdf
8.7 Teacher Answer Sheet.pdf
8.8 Class Assess Sheet.pdf

8.1 Teacher Notes.docx
8.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.docx
8.3 Pupil Resource Sheet.docx
8.4 Pupil Activity Sheet 1.docx
8.5 Pupil Activity Sheet 2.docx
8.6 Pupil Activity Sheet 3.docx
8.7 Teacher Answer Sheet.docx
8.8 Class Assess Sheet.docx

Theme 9 The Supporters Stories

9.1 Teacher Notes.pdf
9.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.pdf
9.3 Questionnaire for an Older Person.pdf
9.4 Sample Letter to Parents.pdf
9.5 Class Assessment Sheet.pdf

9.1 Teacher Notes.docx
9.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.docx
9.3 Questionnaire for an Older Person.docx
9.4 Sample Letter to Parents.docx
9.5 Class Assessment Sheet.docx

Theme 10 Inventing a Board Game

10.1 Teacher Notes.pdf
10.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.pdf
10.3 Pupil Resource Sheet.pdf
10.4 Class Assessment Sheet.pdf

10.1 Teacher Notes.docx
10.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.docx
10.3 Pupil Resource Sheet.docx
10.4 Class Assessment Sheet.docx

Theme 11 Facts and Opinions

11.1 Teacher Notes.pdf
11.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.pdf
11.3 Pupil Activity Sheet.pdf
11.4 Teacher Answer Sheet.pdf
11.5 Class Assessment Sheet.pdf

11.1 Teacher Notes.docx
11.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.docx
11.3 Pupil Activity Sheet.docx
11.4 Teacher Answer Sheet.docx
11.5 Class Assessment Sheet.docx

Theme 12 Creating a Booklet, Programme or Display

12.1 Teacher Notes.pdf
12.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.pdf
12.3 Pupil Resource Sheet.pdf
12.4 Class Assessment Sheet.pdf

12.1 Teacher Notes.docx
12.2 Prim Fram & NC Refs.docx
12.3 Pupil Resource Sheet.docx
12.4 Class Assessment Sheet.docx

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