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The Next Stage

The original project is now drawing to a close. However, there are various extensions which we are investigating. The way forward will require a new team to guide it. If you would like to be involved in any way, please Contact Us.

Collectors' Cards

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The two sets of 50 Collectors' Cards are now available:

These are unique in the world of not only rugby, but, we think, sport as a whole.

Each set costs a mere £5.

The cards are now Available.

It is anticipated that they will sell out very quickly. So, if you want one or both sets, please complete the sections below.

It is now possible to purchase them online.

Please complete this form to process your order:

What is your name?  

What is your e-mail Address?

How many of Set 1 [Huddersfield Greats] do you require?

How many of Set 2 [Fartown Giants] do you reuire?

Do you want them posting to you?

Your comments:


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Now please complete the following 3 sections to process your payment through any card:
Sets of Huddersfield Greats
Sets of Huddersfield Greats
Sets of Huddersfield Greats
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